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Sorted Index to **Narragansett **Constitution

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Author Topic: Sorted Index to **Narragansett **Constitution  (Read 53110 times)
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« on: 2008-December-08 11:37:18 AM »

Sorted Index to **Narragansett **Constitution
Old link:

Judge Narragansett's New Constitution Project

Sorted Index to Judge Narragansett's New Constitution Project

  • The rectangle of light in the acres of a farm was the window of the library of Judge Narragansett. He sat at a table, and the light of his lamp fell on the copy of an ancient document. He had marked and crossed out the contradictions in its statements that had once been the cause of its destruction. He was now adding a new clause to its pages: "Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of production and trade …"

The inspiration for this discussion board comes from the closing pages of Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. See OVERVIEW for more details.

President George W Bush did not call the Constitution a "scrap of paper", he called it "a goddamned piece of paper"
Click on image for details.
(Yes, I know. Franklin, Adams and Jefferson worked on the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution. But the dialog balloon conveys the right message...Dennis)

  • "...we have come to believe the absurd nationalist theory of the Constitution propounded by Story and Webster and used by Lincoln to legitimate invasion of the South. Lincoln said he had taken an oath to preserve the Union, but he was mistaken. He had taken not an oath to preserve the Union, but rather an oath to preserve the Constitution, and the Constitution did not in 1861, and does not now, prohibit the secession of an American state."

Click on subject line below to select discussion thread

OVERVIEW of Judge Narragansett's New Constitution Project
  [1777-11-15] The Articles of Confederation  
  [1787-1789]  The entire USA Constitution for easy searching.
  [1786-2011]  Objections to This Constitution of Government  
  [1861]          Background of the Confederate States Constitution  
  [1861-10-28] Declaration by the People of the Cherokee Nation  
  [1867-1870]  "No Treason" & "The Constitution of No Authority" - by Lysander Spooner
  [1974-12-28] Society Without a State - by Murray N. Rothbard
  • If you are serious about creating a government, you MUST be able to address and refute (not simply ignore) the points made in this article!
  [2000-11-28] Secession and Liberty - by Thomas J. DiLorenzo
  [2002-05-14] The Delusion of Limited Government - by Butler Shaffer  
  [2002-11-23] How can a President be held to the Constitution?
  • Unless a solution to this problem can be identified, any New Constitution will be at the mercy of the next Lincoln. - Dennis Wilson
  [2003-08-18] Rethinking the Articles of Confederation - by H.A. Scott Trask  
  [2006-08-20] “…to institute new Government, laying its foundation…” - by Dennis Lee Wilson
  [2009-09-18] The Perilous Ambiguities in the Constitution - by Edward Cline
  [2010-03-01] Jefferson vs Lincoln: America Must Choose - by Josh Eboch
  [2010-03-21] A New Corporate Model of Governance - by Russell D. Longcore
  [2011-01-15]  "Government" is a religion - by Larken Rose
  [2011-06-06] Still Fed Up With Constitution Worship - by Gary D. Barnett
  [2011-07-11] SCARED OF FREEDOM - by Larken Rose
  [2012-05-23] 'To Alter or Abolish' – Questions for My Rulers - by Roger Young
  [2012-11-21] Social Contract?? How Government “Works” - by Bill Bonner
  [2013-01-11] What *IS* The Bare Minimum...? - by Dennis Lee Wilson
  [2013-02-19] On the Impossibility of Limited Government and the Prospects for a Second American Revolution - by Hans-Hermann Hoppe
  [2013-06-17] Copperhead: Words That Got a U.S. Congressman Deported - by Thomas DiLorenzo
  [2013-07-04] What Americans Used To Know About the Declaration of Independence - by Thomas DiLorenzo
  [2014-04-29] President and Military Can Arrest and Detain Americans Indefinitely Without Due Process
  The Preamble and The Preamble Reconsidered  
  Article I Section I   Legislative powers in Congress (Senate & House of Representatives)
  Article I Section II House of Rep qualifications-Enumeration (census)
      In 2010, we SHOULD have between 8,200 and 11,000 Representatives instead of only 425!  
  Article I Section III Senate qualifications & powers
  Article I Section IV The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives...
  Article I Section V Powers & responsibilities of each house of Congress  
  Article I Section VI Congress members compensation, immunity and restrictions  
  Article I Section VII Duties and functions of Congress and president regarding Bills
  Article I Section VIII - Overview
  Article I Section VIII (A) lay and collect Taxes, Duties
  Article I Section VIII (B) To borrow Money
  Article I Section VIII (C) To regulate Commerce
  Article I Section VIII (D) Naturalization & Bankruptcies  
  Article I Section VIII (E) Money, Weights & Measures
  Article I Section VIII (F) Punish conterfeiting
  Article I Section VIII (G) To establish Post Offices & roads
  Article I Section VIII (H) Copyrights & Patents
  Article I Section VIII (I) Create lower courts
  Article I Section VIII (J) Piracies & Felonies at sea
  Article I Section VIII (K) Declare War, grant Letters of Marque etc.
  Article I Section VIII (L) To raise and support Armies
  Article I Section VIII (M) To provide and maintain a Navy
  Article I Section VIII (N) Regulation of Armed Forces
  Article I Section VIII (O) Call forth the Militia
  Article I Section VIII (P) Organizing, arming the Militia
  Article I Section VIII (Q) Governing Federal Property
  Article I Section VIII (R) Make Laws (Eminent Domain Discussion-also see Amendment V)
  Article I Section IX - Habeas Corpus, ex post facto Law, interstate taxes
  Article I Section X - No state shall...coin & silver...; ex post facto Law again!!
  Article II Section I - Presidential Election Rules and Oath of office
  Article II Section II - Presidential powers
  Article II Section III - Presidential Reporting
  Article II Section IV - Impeachable Offenses
  Article III  An overview of the entire Article III Judicial setup - by Jim Davies
  Article III  Judicial Review? Comments - by Lew Rockwell
  Article III Section I - Judicial Power vested
  Article III Section II - Judicial Power extended
  Article III Section III - Treason
  Article IV Section I - Full Faith and Credit
  Article IV Section II - Citizen Privileges & Immunities
  Article IV Section III [Section IV] - Admission of New States
  Article V - Rules for Amendments
  Article VI - Regarding Prior Debts, Supreme Law of the Land, Oath to Support
  Article VII - Ratification of this Constitution
  Bill of Rights - Amendment I - Limit to gov meddling with religion & free speech  
  Bill of Rights - Amendment II - Limit to gov meddling with individual right to bear arms
  2nd Amendment defended by Judges.
  Bill of Rights - Amendment III - Limit to gov use of private property for military.
  Bill of Rights - Amendment IV - Limit to gov making unreasonable searches & seizures
  Bill of Rights - Amendment V - No double jeopardy; no self incrimination; due process of law; "eminent domain" restriction
  Bill of Rights - Amendment VI - right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury...
  Bill of Rights - Amendment VII - right of trial by jury
  Bill of Rights - Amendment VIII - Excessive bail, fines, cruel and unusual punishments
  Bill of Rights - Amendment IX - The enumeration ... of certain rights, shall not ... deny ... others retained by the people
  Bill of Rights - Amendment X - The powers not delegated ..., nor prohibited ..., are reserved to the States ..., or to the people.
  US Amendment XI - 1795-A Judicial power restriction
  US Amendment XII - 1804-Presidential election changes
  US Amendment XIII - 1865-Slavery abolished? Is it really the 13th? Questions!!
  US Amendment XIV - 1868-Federal citizenship, War punishment & debt
  US Amendment XV - 1870-Voter-race, color, or previous condition of servitude
  US Amendment XVI - 1913-Income tax - Is it LEGAL? Questions!!
  US Amendment XVII - 1913-Election of Senators by popular vote - Is it LEGAL? MORE Questions!!
  US Amendment XVIII - 1919-Prohibition of intoxicating liquors
  US Amendment XIX - 1920-Voting rights for women
  US Amendment XX - 1933-Terms of Executive, etc
  US Amendment XXI - 1933-Prohibition Repealed
  US Amendment XXII - 1951-Presidential term limit
  US Amendment XXIII - 1961-DC representation
  US Amendment XXIV - 1964-Regarding poll tax
  US Amendment XXV - 1967-Presidential death or resignation
  US Amendment XXVI - 1971-Voter age 18
  US Amendment XXVII - 1789-1992-compensation for  Senators and Representatives
  The proposed Liberty Amendment 1959-1982
  Proposed Amendments by author L. Neil Smith
  Proposed Amendments by Harry Browne
  Other proposed amendments
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